不同功能实验室的规划设计风格 - a56cc永利爆大奖


The conventional chemical analysis room should be equipped with island type design, side table, central station and reagent shelf, detoxification cabinet, sample and reagent cabinet cabinet, the central station with double glass reagent rack, table PP installed glass tank and three tap; also equipped with universal exhaust hood; air-conditioning refrigerator position. In order to ensure that the whole operation of the laboratory is smooth, safe, practical and convenient.
1, general laboratory design to L or a font design based, equipped with side Taiwan and PP sink, three taps.
2, the general design of instrument room to type L or type design, a person to sit body, instrument operation and data recording.

3, precise instrument room design with type U or type design, according to the need of precision instruments, firm structure, strong load-bearing, shockproof, operating table configuration of suspended type universal exhaust hood or atomic absorption cover, produce smoke, odor to facilitate timely discharge experiment operation; to be equipped with special computer and desk a person sitting, platform, suitable for computer data processing and recording instruments from the wall 500mm for instrument maintenance channel, instrument room is also provided with a gas cabinet and instrument cabinet, can be placed in cylinders and some instrument accessories.
4, balance room design requires the use of professional platform, balance room should also be set for that amount before the vessel rack, and dry dish.
5, clean room, according to the needs of the preparation room, locker room, buffer room, the main experimentation area, transfer window, etc.. Clean rooms are divided into different grades, experimentation area air, after the initial effect, medium efficiency, high efficiency filter for air supply, to ensure indoor air quality.
6. Safety equipment: emergency landing shower and eye washer should be equipped as emergency safety measure.
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